Superpene – Lo maximo para agigantar el miembro

Las consultas de sexólogos y en terminos generales las preguntas lanzadas a La Web más frecuentes por parte de los varónes giran en torno a el tamaño del falo, por otra parte de la eyaculación precoz y otro tipo de retos ahora inquietudes relacionadas con el sexo.

Este tipo de obsesiones por mantener el instrumento consumado vienen motivadas en buena tramo por las presiones de la sociedad que nacen desde aceptablemente niños y que son alimentadas por los medios de exteriorización, aunque sea en secreto de humor. Hay parentela que se siente muy segura con su acto sexual y con su sexualidad en general, pero por contra hay muchos hombres a los que les preocupa de ningún modo mantener un superpene o tampoco mantener un falo normal de un tamaño que esté en la media.

Posteriormente está el tema de la clan que por alguna malformación ahora cualquier otra cuestión nace con un miembro extremadamente pequeño. Sin embargo para los casos normales de familia que la tiene pequeña, aunque dentro del rango de lo común para un adulto, lo que entran en juego son factores más proporcionadamente psicológicos y de gustos estéticos.

Para el sexo puro y duro, no es necesario poseer un superpene, porque es aceptablemente sabido que las zonas más sensibles de lo que es el órgano sensual de la novia es el clítoris y las paredes de la vagina más exteriores. Es afirmar, la mujer no va a sentir más satisfacción por el hecho de que el minga sea más sobresaliente o más pequeño si está interiormente de unos rangos normales (los micropenes serían un caso aparte).

Empero igual que hay una tendencia muy extendida entre las mujeres a eso de incrementar su talla de pecho, asimismo hay un servicio creciente por agrandar el miembro, y muchas veces es por un tema amoroso (aunque casi siempre por evidente arduo masculino). La delantera que tiene un polla ínclito es que facilita la sondeo en determinadas posturas, sobre todo si la dama está rellenita o si hay mucha diferencia de estatura entre el chico y la chica (en cuanto a relaciones heterosexuales se refiere).

Por esta razón hay hoy día tantos métodos tanto naturales como mecánicos (como extensores de falo) para tratar de percibir algunos centímetros, sin contar, claro está, la prolongación del pito dirección prótesis.

En definitiva, que cada quien debe tener bastante claro por qué quiere alargar su falo, y en su caso escoger el método que mejor le venga y que sea más efectivo.

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Naomi, vive cansada de un marido que no la satisface, y est tomando todas las oportunidades que se le presentan. (PepeIV)

Relato enviado originalmente por Yola el 19 de Noviembre del 2001 a www.SexoServicio.comhola amigos espero puedan publicar este texto que me escribio mi novio y es cachondisimo.saludosyolaHola Yola, amorcito divino, te escribo nicamente para que sepas que te amoy que te extrao mucho. Pero adems escribo para charlar un ratito contigo,para sentirte cerca y mitigar un poco esta sed inmensa que tengo de ti.

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EL COLECTIVO 1En el tropel que se libera a la salida del colegio, comienza diariamente la presurosa caminata hasta la parada del colectivo.Al llegar, despus de tres cuadras, vemos siempre como se acerca desde cinco calles el colectivo que pasara por nosotros.Aguardamos con mi compaero de aula hasta que el chofer nos abre la puerta.Ya vienen algo apretados adentro, como siempre, as que despus de los boletos, nos vamos abriendo paso hacia el fondo.

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Bossy B
Run Time: 33:24
Actions: Water squirting, Toys – Pussy

Bossy B is a sexy brunette with a tight but curvy body and a face that’s both, pretty and slutty (reminding me a bit of Ariana Jollee). She’s entering the scene in a red bustier, black skirt over a white g-string and open red heels.
As always, dressing and makeup are top-notch, although her yellow-varnished nails with those little tribals on it, are a small turn-off to me (almost looks like she’s been diggin’ a hole in the garden with her bare hands).

She starts with some posing, teasing and touching (with a bit too much artificial “uuuh” “aaaah” “ooooh” moaning), before exposing her nicely shaped B-cups (that actually look bigger and fuller than they are, although you hardly see ’em with all the titplay) after around 5 minutes, and her pussy (from behind and below) 2 minutes later.
Some fingering, before we get a nice, clear view on her pink and nicely trimmed/shaved pussy, which is followed by some more toyless playing.
After around 15 minutes she gets a massive 30cm dildo, of which she makes good use in various positions (vaginal only) for the next 10-or-so minutes.

Then we come to the part where it really pays off to have the HD version of this scene: Some ultra-close-up pussy spreading (and now you’ll know why this site is called givemePINK).
Some more fingering before she she squats down (still wearing the heels) to piss a really massive fountain all over the floor (without cut!).

All-in-all a pretty good scene. No extraordinary spectacular action (only 1 toy and fingering, only vaginal, no cocumbers, bananas, speculums, cellphones, baseball clubs or whatever) but still solid. And of course an extremely sexy girl (although she should work on that artificial moaning. and well, no yellow fingernails next time, please) and a great pissing scene that make up for that.

So in a nutshell, I really liked it.

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Actions: Big Tits, Anal Sex, Cumshot Swallowing – Single, Ass to Mouth, Deep Throating
Run Time: 24:07

Lucy is a stacked, somewhat chunky gal who is always reliable for a hard, cute video performance. In this POV video, she’s playing like she’s a girl scout. Number 69 of course. Okay. but where are the cookies? Well, I guess her treats must be pushing out against her tight blue top! Her juggs are humongous, and she shows them off to the extreme.

The video includes several extras such as choking for you rough sex boys and toe-sucking and toe insertions into her asshole and vagina for you feet fetishists.

For regular boys like me, the POV style looks nice with the oral action about 10:00 into the video. A nice clear close-up image of Lucy inhaling a hard cock makes it seem almost real. I like how she plays with her juggs as she sucks.

After her asshole is primed with some finger insertions, Lucy provides a POV image of her asshole being fucked doggie style. Some ATM is mixed in as well. Then she rides reverse cowgirl. More ATM is mixed in.

Lucy looks strangely passive as her mouth and face receive a luke-warm shot of cum. She’s usually more aggressive. The guy mashes the semen all over here face.

This is not Lucy’s best video. I think she does better with two more people. One-on-one seems a bit boring for her. 7/10

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Run Time: 32:12
Actions: Cumshot Facial – Multiple, Deep Throating

Renata is such a gorgeous and happy girl! As I watched her taking a five-shot facial, I somehow felt like the world was going to be alright. Seeing this beautiful, smiling face all covered with cum was as strong a force as gravity or a rising sun. Sure, it’s a little overly dramatic but so are the final images in this video. Check out the genuine cum-covered smiles at the end of this video. They’ll just make you feel good! Hmmm. .feel-good porn, what a concept! 😀

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Lolly & Angel D
Run Time: 30:42
Actions: Double Penetration, Anal Sex, Cumshot Swapping – Multiple, Gapes

SUMMARY: This is a good scene. The girls aren’t uber-hot or anything, but they are certainly pretty enough to watch take thirty minutes worth of anal sex apiece. Except for a smidge of DP, their asses get all the attention. The scene, as usual, is well shot with some nice positions, even if it did seem a little phoned-in on occasion. But what do I know? There’s a lot to like here.

DETAILS: Lolly and Angel look attractive enough. They aren’t eye-popping, but they have enough to get the job done. I like Lolly a little better, but that’s only because I like her pretty face and strawberry hair a little more. They’re both well toned, and they’re both sexily dressed in two-pieces and fishnets.

The beginning is a bit slow and unremarkable, but things pick up in a monster hurry when both girls take it straight to the a-holes after the two guys join them. They do some side-by-side doggy anal, and then move through the usual laundry list of positions as well as a few unusual ones. I like the short lived dueling stool-fuck the best, where both women get analized while bent over a couple stools. There’s also some side-by-side pile-driver that I didn’t hate. Except for each girl getting a little double penetration action, there is pretty much no vaginal penetration in this scene. It’s all anal, all the time, and of course, a sprinkling of ass to mouth as well. For the closer, Lolly takes the loads, and Angel gulps them down.


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No era el momento para echar para atrs. Cerr las puertas de su ventana pero no las aseguro.

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Run Time: 31:27
Actions: Big Tits, Toys – Pussy

This video shows Angelina at her best, looking both slightly innocent and incredibly sexy at the same time. At the start of the video, she’s wearing a strange pink plaid outfit that showcases her gorgeous breasts beautifully. The camera moves around quite a bit, which will anger some of our viewers, but the movement helps Carol to perform, giving us nice eye contact and showing us multiple angles of her fantastic enormous breasts. She does a nice job teasing us, until about 4:30 into the movie when she frees her breasts and licks her nipples, something I can never get enough of. Check out the great image of this just before 11:00 into the movie. So sexy and beautiful! But Carol has a really nice body too and at 19:00 she lies down and spreads her legs to play with her pretty pussy, inserting a long finger. This is followed by a cucumber and banana. Fruits and vegetables will do a body good! Overall this is a tame flick for this website, but Angelina is so beautiful, the video is almost classy to watch. I enjoyed every minute spent watching her. 😀

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Run Time: 35:11
Actions: Anal Sex, Cumshot Swallowing – Single

Sandra, are you for real? She has a unique look to her, and I like it. Multiple piercings and multiple hair colors means she’s ready to party. I hope she performs as well in this POV as she has in other videos. By the way, thanks for keeping her in somewhat normal clothes and not some circus costume.

We are off to a good start. I love that her shirt is a few sizes too small for her hooters and that middle button is hold on for dear life. She slowly rubs her nipples, which are now visible through her shirt. This is a tease worth remembering, unlike the sad stripper shuffle we sometimes see. She starts stroking us off with all of her clothes still on. The camera keeps the focus on her for the most part, which is a great quality of these videos.

She starts to suck at a very slow pace, rapidly increasing the tempo, but working in tongue and lip action when she can. She does this very well. Those lips, those lips are to die for. She could have finished me off at this point and ended the video, but there’s more, of course. She goes from oral, back to oral. It was so good; we had to go back for seconds. Those lips and that tongue could make me tell the truth or do bad things to good people.

After nearly half the video is over, we finally find out what she’s been hiding under that shirt. It’s a pair of large, lovely, pierced tits. But guess what’s next? More oral! Thank you! She teases us with a tit fuck that is slow and full of eye contact.

Instead of sticking to routine, we jump from 15 minutes of oral straight to anal. She has a lovely, perfectly shaped ass. The only bad part is, for however enjoyable this must feel, we don’t see her tits, eyes, lips, or face during this part. Perhaps I have been spoiled by all the oral at the beginning of the video.

Speaking of beginning of the video, at about 19 minutes in, she gets up and goes inside. When we get inside ourselves, the tease begins again, this time with a strip scene. She takes off her apparel one piece at a time. She has a killer body with piercings and cool tattoo on her side. She lies on her back as we enter her for some anal missionary. Good call since we get to see her “Oh” face and her nice body. Seriously though, how does she get through airport security with all that metal in her body?

We see another instance of a disturbing trend in these videos. Instead of physically changing sexual positions, the video “flash forwards” into the scene, already in progress. You won’t hear me complain for long, because now she’s riding us cowgirl style, sucking us off during breaks. She takes the load in her mouth. Is there any other way? FYI, she doesn’t take it in the vag the entire video. Wow.

Pros: Unique look, killer bod, mind melting oral.
Cons: If you don’t like her look, tough shit.

My Score: 4 out of 5

– Civ

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La pasion me ha llevado por caminos insospechados.

Todo es alegra cuando un hijo de familia llega a casa despus de dos aos de servicio en el campo de batalla; pero al convivir diariamente, se dan cuenta de que ya no es el mismo.

Naomi quiere ser feliz con su esposo, para eso ha necesitado de tres amantes. (GRACIAS Amiga)rnRelato enviado por mi amiga CARLA.

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Actions: Big Tits, Cumshot Facial – Multiple, Choking, Slapping, Hair Pulling, Deep Throating
Run Time: 37:17

Rachel is standing handcuffed against a pillar, with her eyes masked, neck collared and a nice black mesh dress that shows off the contours of her beautiful tits. The cameraman plays with her boobs a bit, and pulls down her pink panties to show off her shaved cunt. He pulls off the mask to show off her gorgeous eyes, this girl is soooo cute!

She is then on all fours on the couch, as we get to see her pink snatch and tight asshole. The director fingers her snatch a bit, then gets her to taste it. She rubs her clit a bit before the hardcore action begins.

Three guys take turns reaming her throat as cutie Rachel gags and spits out copious amounts of saliva. At one point a stud is throat fucking her as she lies on her back, getting fucked in mish while stroking off another cock with her left hand! So talented. After more throat reaming, she is getting fucked in doggie vag, while sucking another tool. The guys take turns stretching out that teen twat, then switch to reverse cowgirl with Rachel jerking and sucking two schlongs above her. After multiple positions, the guys really nail her hard with her stomach down on the couch. You can hear her taking it hard, it’s fantastic!

The scene ends with a large facial. The first guy has a great position, directly above her, so all his spunk lands on the target. The second guy oozes a thick load that lays on her left cheek. The third guy splatters her with multiple shots. Her lower face is a gooey mess! She poses her ass with the spunk still on her face. Excellent ending.

Rachel is sexy as shit. I can’t wait to see this teen take anal and DPs. She is a star!
Rating: 9/10

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Actions: Toys – Pussy
Run Time: 29:27

This black haired girl has eyes to die for! Together will a great looking ass and full lips she is a stunner. She is introduced in a nice pink lingerie set. She slaps her tight ass before she starts caressing her firm breasts. She fingers herself while she bends over so you can see her nice assets. Then she oils up , gets fully naked and puts a lovely massive pink dildo in her mouth and pussy. After that you get to admire her pussy for a few minutes so you can see al the pink you want! What follows is a part when she sucks a vegetable while she is using the dildo in her pussy. In the last part she goes al the way and masturbates herself to a climax and release some body fluids 😉

Overall rating 8 out of 10

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Sali de la ecuela ese dia temprano me diriji a casa me alcanso mi amiga de salon y me dijo que fueramos a hacer el trabajo al llegar alli estaba mi novia y .

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Actions: Double Penetration, Big Tits, Anal Sex, Cumshot Swallowing – Multiple, Ass to Mouth, Gapes
Run Time: 32:01

“Kitty: A Purr-fect MILF”

Face: B
Body: B+ (A+ for a 30 yr old “MILF”)
Charm: A
Sex: A


(A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich)

Newsflash to MILF-lovers: Kitty is about as good as they can get. Despite being mature, she still has one hell of a tight body for a 30+ year-old and her petite tight ass is amazing to watch. She is still a certifiable “hot chick.” Kitty is very energetic for the camera, and her name suits her very well due to her coyish, playful demeanor. Take all of that and add the fact that she can take anals and DPs like a pro, and you’ve got one hell of a MILF porn star.

Her vid for MILFthing starts off with a sexy, playful tease where she prances around in a skin tight, partially see-through black dress. “Hot” doesn’t begin to describe her moves. Kity has a very tight, petite frame but she moves with sensual gyrations that add curves to her presence. She recruits two boys and begins to blow them in a variety of poses – hovering over them, on her knees, etc. At 14:40, she begins to take a cock in her ass while she blows the other guy. At 16:07, we see Kitty on her side while getting her ass and mouth pounded simultaneously. This angle is great . we see her anal, bj, tits, ass and pussy all in one shot! Nice. The movie ends with a DP and a nice cumshot in her mouth. My only points of criticism are that there quite a few penetration moments that were edited out. Come on guys, at least don’t edit out the DP penetrations!

Above average movie. Great MILF performer. Recommended.


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Actions: Anal Sex, Cumshot Swallowing – Single, Ass to Mouth, Gapes
Run Time: 33:47

Wearing a pink skirt and crop top, Donna looks like a slutty “Heidi” who just skipped down from the mountains. But this girl is a little more experienced, and she starts off the movie spreading her ass cheeks and inviting the movie stud to finger her asshole. Which he does of course, along with spitting into and spreading wide. A quick little cocksucking from our girl, and it’s time for some anal! This guy has no problem at all filling her tight asshole with his long shaft. And while her performance is not particularly inspiring, Donna rides that cock just fine thank you, until the stud happily unloads his spunk load into Donna’s waiting mouth. Of course she swallows. A somewhat bland video, but still better than many other viewing options.

Estrella Porno

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Run Time: 44:35
Actions: Double Penetration, Anal Sex, Cumshot Swallowing – Multiple, Ass to Mouth, Slapping, Rough Sex, Deep Throating

Ana is not particularly cute but she is very nasty. She loves to take it up the ass, take a look at the part when she gets toes in her ass and pussy (this is the first time I have seen something like that). Then the deepthroating part is very rough, she takes the schlongs all the way and keeps spitting all the time, Tamedteens style. This is one of the hardest cock sucking I have ever seen. Later, they move to doggie anal. The two boys don’t really give her a break but she handles it with no problems. This girl is a sex machine. The scene is quite long, so the boys have plenty of time to fuck her ass, go ATM, DP and everything they want. This girl is fucked very hard.

Rating 4/5. (Very good action but she is not a very cute or beautiful girl)

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Yasmine G
Run Time: 35:01
Actions: Cumshot Facial – Multiple, Deep Throating

SUMMARY: This was a typical CumForCover scene. There’s nothing new here except for the promise of an idea that never really comes to fruition (the drool-bowl). Yasmine doesn’t look as good as she used to, and I didn’t particularly like her outfit here either. Ah well, the climax is certainly worthy of the CFC name, and for those who are only looking for that, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re after originality, though, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

DETAILS: Yasmine is pretty hot, but she’s missing that sexy innocent look she once had in her earlier PerfectGonzo scenes. She’s blonde, and has a skimpy denim two-piece that she shows off to the neighborhood on the roof of a house.

After providing some pussy-peek-a-boos to the camera, Yasmine goes downstairs to greet the usual suspects in their police lineup along the wall. She sucks and strokes them as she crawls from guy to guy, and then they carry her into the house where they lie down and she sucks her way from end to end. It’s the usual stuff. It only starts to get interesting when one of the males produces a bowl in which Yasmine starts to deposite her drool, but not surprisingly, Yasmine is not too keen on the idea of the males pouring the bowl’s contents over her face in the middle of the scene. I sympathize, but still. a pity. At least it would have been something different. The cumshots are typically excellent, although Yasmine really looks like she’d rather be somewhere else.


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Espero que les haya gustado mi relato aneriorEstaves me encontrava de vacaciones en la ciudad de campeche en mexico para mi fortuna en la casa donde estuve de visita havia una joven como de 20 aos que ayudava con el aseo de la casa asi que se me hacia fascil tomar su ropita para vestirme como toda una princesa .Como no habia mucho que hacer me iva a un cafe internet cerca de la casa donde estava de visita lo cual me entretenia un poco porque podia ver las fotos que tenia vestida muy sexi y que havia puesto en mi comunidad en internet, un dia se me travo la computadora y el joven que atendia ese cyber se pofrecio a ayudarme a lo cual me rehuse por verguenza que viera mis fotos , para mi mala suerte el insistio y abrio la pagina , lo inebitable sucedio y vio mis fotos a lo que el me dijo:-no te preocupes te ves muy linda . yo me sonroje y pedi que me dijera cuanto devo